Beautiful Tower Garden:

Grow Your Own Food.
Grow a Healthier You.

Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. And with Tower Garden, you can easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year‑round, without soil.

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Healthy Start Up!

I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and dream, especially when it comes to your health! Did you know that the average unhealthy person earns $4,000 less a year and spends thousands more in doctor visits, missed work days, and perception costs! What is included? This offer includes an initial consultation 1.5 hr (in person or via face time/skype/facebook), a personalized plan design, and a 30 min follow -up. Usually a $500 value but I am slashing that down! Start today!


Support Bracelets

Durable, modernly beautiful! Hope, Strength, Inspire Get yours today and support the mission to share unconditional love across the globe!


Beautiful Hearts T-shirts!

Support the mission of spreading unconditional love! Tell the world they are beautiful being who they are and not trying to be like anyone else by wearing this comfy and beautiful cotton t-shirt! Sizes: Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult large, Adult XL limited number


Using Oils Everyday Class

Join this class today on how to use your oils for everyday occurrences and support your body from morning through the night!