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Essential Oils and Wellness Coaching

Essential Oils coaching is using my knowledge of oils and helping you through the learning curve of using and implication of essential oils into your daily use and home.

Wellness is a tackling of your whole body, home, and spirit program that utilizes all my knowledge, incorporated into a whole life transformation!

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Also here is some more information on the essential oils company I use:

Young Living

I absolutely love my oils and I have a passion for sharing them because number one they work. Number two because I was sick and tired of always being sick and tired and now, although not all my days are rainbows and butterflies, they are so much better!

I am a single mom who suffers from multiple chronic illnesses but I refused to take medicine that would only mask pain but never made me feel better plus all the horrible side effects, no thank you! I came across Young Living by chance at someone’s house. I looked up Young Living. After saving, I purchased a Premium Starter Kit and then barely used it. Finally last year (2016) my daughter and I kept getting sick which never happens. I had tried everything I knew so I dove into my starter kit to see if anything could help!

The oil that sold me on essential oils! Such a life saver!!

Great things started happening and than a few months later I ran into a friend who had started oils she introduced me to the business opportunity side (which I did not know anything about) and also the toxic free home approach. I was blown away by how amazing these oils are and jumped into study to learn more! I am now a couple weeks away from being a certified oil coach which is not needed to use oils or share but something I just wanted to pursue myself. Now I cannot turn back! Slowly I am changing everything over in my home, remember I’m a single mom here, but now knowing how toxic the products that were in my house are and how much diabetes, asthma, cancer, dementia, and everything else on the rise there’s nothing more important than protecting my kids. I can tell you overall I feel so much better. Even my mood is more uplifted.  I just have such a passion to share these oils and their amazing wellness benefits and of course the toxic free home with everyone. Everyone can use these and so let’s dive in!

What are essential oils?  They are the most powerful part of the plant and literally like the essence of the plant take a plant. Take a flower, you realize they’re beautiful and made to attract. When you translate using essential oils to humans, it’s the same kind of a similar concept. So if you use lavender or Rose they help with skin wellness and because of their beautiful smell are very attractive!


Essential oils in humans can support every system in the body muscular skeletal respiratory and circulatory. They can also support healthy weight, emotional, and prayer support. There are close to 300 oils on Earth but you really only need 10 to 20 of them to actually build a good kit.  You don’t need to have a special class or anything in that sense to use them or share them.

Using them there are three different ways! You can use them on your skin like the English, to you can cook or eat them like the French, or you can diffuse and inhale them like the German. With Young Living is a therapeutic grade oil and can be used in all three manners!

Essential oils are not new nor are they a fad. They are mentioned in the Bible over a thousand times. Babylonians and Egyptians are known for using them.  Egyptians also used them in beauty care and deodorants. They’re even mentioned in ancient Pakistan  and Rome for  their communal bathhouses. I mean even Jesus Christ was given frankincense and myrrh. They are God-given natural support for our body. That is amazing!

I can buy oils for cheaper for my local drugstore?2a-Seed-to-Seal Well is true. So why do companies sell oils more cheaply? To save money. They use pesticides, they use chemicals to help distill, they add extra or cheaper oils to stretch out the oil that they have distilled. The reason most essential oils are being sold cheaper is because the companies have cut corners and they’re not organic therapeutic grade quality. Sadly there is very limited requirements to be labeled as a pure oil. It really is only like 5 to 10% of the bottle is actual essential oil in order for it to be marked as a pure essential oil. This compared to Young Living bottles which are 100% therapeutic organic grade oil! You can check out Young Living story at for more information.

How do I get started? Starter kit which contains 11 Essential Oils, samples of the ningxia red, little 10 1 ml bottles for travel or sharing, a few other useful sharing tools, and a diffuser! I suggest this because even though it has a $160 start value it is the most discounted purchase you can get off of Young Living website! It is a 50% discount which is absolutely amazing! As I mentioned earlier, you only need about 10 to 20 oils to have a really good kit at home to have a toxic free wellness benefiting set of oils; the starter kit gets you right on that way to developing a home that is toxic free for you and your family.

The oils you get for your family in the Premium Starter Kit are Frankincense

Lavender img_0073


Citrus Fresh


Stress away





and Raven

I could spend a lot of time going over each of these oils but I’m only going to touch on four and then I’m going to leave it in your hands to the research some more and find 11-Stress-away copyout just how amazing these oils are! First off is Stress away it’s one of the top emotion oils seriously smells like you’re having a nice drink on the beach vacation sunny it’s absolutely amazing. Number two, Lavender it’s the oil of relaxation you just use for calming soothing aroma and by adding it to a nighttime bath or in your diffuser to support calm before bedtime.  It’s also great skin support, usually called the Swiss army knife due to its many many uses. Thirdly, Thieves which helps support a healthy respiratory system and maintains overall wellness when taken as a dietary supplement. Thieves is also one of the Staples in Young Living because there’s an entire cleaning line based off of  it! Number four is for peppermint one of my absolute favorites! Love to smell and taste it! Peppermint supports gastrointestinal functions and may promote during exercise Also on favorite on the back of my neck with coconut oil after a long tense day, super soothing! This is only four! There are seven other oils and Frankincense alone is known to offer 10,000 different use! The Premium Starter Kit is an absolutely amazing deal!

Let me get real with you as I wrap up I have been on the other side with the chemical-filled lifestyle and it shot my body system down to landing me bedridden for an entire month!! I want everyone to know what they are putting in and on their bodies!

The number two cause of death in the United States is cancer. Did you know 1620 people die each day in the United States from cancer? The American Cancer Society says that only 5 to 10% of cancer cases are caused by genes that means that 95% of all cancer cases are within OUR control you have the responsibility of guarding what comes in and out of your home; what crosses that threshold. That’s your responsibility for the health and well-being of you and your family.

Why Oils? You need them as part of a simple chemical free lifestyle and how do you begin with the Young Living premium starter kit I’m a very frugal single mom and 17-PSK-with-diffuserit’s the only thing and Young Living that’s half off you’re getting 11 therapeutic grade oils with and the membership that you get with lung Young Living is for a lifetime and the only requirement to keep your account active is to spend about $50 a year that’s it there’s no monthly requirement there’s no mandatory buying this product over and over and over again no it is in your hand and as you start to see the wellness that is presented in your family $50 a year is absolutely nothing compared to the benefits that this can offer you and also soon as you have a premium starter kit in your home you have the ability to seek out the business opportunity side if you ever do wish but there’s no strings attached you’ve don’t have to that is just the option given to you by making that awesome choice of bringing a premium starter kit into your family’s home so get plugged into my team today!

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Thank you so much for supporting my family by signing up under me Also I’m so excited for you to start your oil journey to wellness! It’s absolutely amazing! I look forward to meeting and talking to you about your family, life and oils! Have a wonderful beautiful day God BLESS!