My Story

Hello beautiful!

I am Sascha Mills. I am passionate about helping others find wellness in a world filled with toxic beliefs and toxic products!

I am a true American girl, with Native American, country, and melting pot background! I have lived in multiple states across all sides of the United States.

I went to college in Florida at the University of Florida, graduating with a major in


Psychology and a minor in Education. Shortly after, I joined the U.S. Navy Reserves and set out to advance through Military Intelligence. While in service my body began to shut down. Having grown up healthy and active, gymnast and dancer, I couldn’t wrap my head around it! It took 6 years to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis (and a few other things too). I spent about a year of wallowing and feeling lost.

However, I could not even take myself anymore and I decided: No! I am not giving up on my passions and my heart’s desires! God promises to give us those dreams because, heck, He put them into our heart in the first place! So in my weakness, He will only shine brighter.

Fast forward and I have removed toxins from my home. I set out to become Essential Oils Certified Coach and moved onto a Psychology Health Coaching program too. It is now my life’s mission to bring healing to the world through a whole body wellness approach. The best part of my story is when I made ONE SIMPLE CHANGE I was able to gain energy, move away from big pharma drugs, and to return to my passions of dancing and theatre! 

I would love to get to know you! Please feel free to click over to the contact page and get connected!


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