Poker hand

Have you ever played poker? It’s quite a game, especially for those who travel the world and use real money!

Ok so I’m not some poker genius and with the except of knowing a few hands and playing a few games I’m really not evening proficient lol So why write a blog about it? To be honest it’s not entirely about poker! Shocking right haha

Honestly though it came to my mind the other day in deep reflection over life the universe and everything. And in deep prayer over next step, right steps, and slight doubts of what the heck am I doing?!? I felt this nudge to remember a poker hand. To be even more specific, a Texas Holdem poker hand. In that version of the game you and the other players are only given two cards. And with these two cards you have to make choices to advance or tap out.

This is where the poker face term comes into play because some people can really push others out just by making it seem they have it all together. As the cards turn, the game intensifies! Because now you share three cards on the table.

In life I feel like this is so obvious! You are delt a few cards that are yours, you share a few cards with others, and everyone if fighting for the same pot!

Now this is the world as seen from those stuck in the game battling it out turn for turn. Some people drop out because they don’t believe they have what it takes. Others flaunt they are incredible and hold absolutely nothing in their hand. Some do in hoping that they may have a high card to whatever is offered in the pot. Then some actual do hold an incredible hand and some times go ALL IN!

Ok ok where am I going with all this? If life’s about the luck of the draw seats right?!?

But what if you stepped back and looked at it like this…

God is the dealer. He belesses those who are faithful and loyal. He also gifts the world with many great gifts, combined that with an attitude of hope. Love. And enthusiasm and bam you have a Royal Flush same suit (maybe right terminology? Haha). To go ALL IN in this life!

Wow moment right?

Changed my perspective anyway! To think God can bless me with all that I need to be successful in this life. But that is only after knowing and respecting the fact that He is Lord, that spreading His love is key, and acknowledging Him.

What an incredible afternoon thought ❤

God bless you!

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