Calm Mamma

So life has been hectic and harsh. People choosing perfidy over friendship. Financial struggles and yet business growth at the same time? Also side this is the normal everyday annoyances, massive to do list and the weight of my children’s lives in my hand solely. Le sigh right?!?

I wish I could proudly say ” through all this I have been super mom”

But the truth is I have messed up and sucked nasty hair balls of stupid words, yelling, tears, and who knows what else. Ugh! All I ever wanted to be was a mom (well and a writer), but mom was always that secret happy place in the back of my heart and mind. All the places I would take me kids, all the things I would teach them, the journeyed, the booboos, the tears and giggles! It was like the best thing ever.

Last night, well went early into the morning, I had a real heart to heart with God! Seriously Lord I am busting my butt and all you keep saying to to be still! Had to be late to work because of lack of child care, the house I wants to move into: rented, The job interview: tech difficulties, the class: no shows and the live portion technically difficulties!

During all this chaos and dismantled plans what kind of momma do you think I was? You’re so right! Super loving, supportive, attentive! Hahah no you where really right! I was a flipping mess!! Stressed, angered, scared mess!!

I keep dousing my Calm Mamma spray all over me and then diving back into the chaos! So God got real with me last night!

What the heck are you doing?!! I have given you a love for writing, I have given you a beautiful company that you light up every time someone will talk Oils and wellness with you, I have given you children and stubborn, smart, and challenging as you are: stop and be still! Relax into the beautiful mess and shine in the moment of now!

Oh Mamma! Isn’t it true? How easy we get so distracted and sidetracked and jump off the road to certain death thinking we are SAVING the day with all the work we are putting in!

Today pull out your Calm Mamma spray, pray to God for what it is that is stressing and hindering your life, and then wait and be still till He tells you to move! Don’t move till He says go! And instead enjoy the day with your kids!!

“Love you my beautiful! I will take care of you” – God

Calm Momma spray

Glass spray bottle- 50ml

3/4 parts water

6 drops Stress Away Oil

4 drops Frankincense oil

Spray generously all over a momma seeking a calmer mindset!

Published by BeYoutiful With Sascha

On a mission to empower and fuel women and their daughters to step into their true selves, gaining real energy and strength of mind, body, soul so that they can be successful.

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