There is nothing like it. As humans, yes even the most introverted anti social of ya all, where designed to desire and thrive off community! Sometimes these days I have noticed this is lacking. People are always rushing, even with scheduled events for this party , to this play date, to this lunch etc. People have hundreds to thousands of friends on Facebook. In this and that group. Connect via Instagram or Snap Chat but quality meaningful community is genuinely missing. Last night I invited some of my fellow oil lovers over. We for the larger part only have the common factor of loving our oils, but it was incredible! Potluck style is so nice these days with busy lives and trying new things always sparks fun conversation! The children had a blast just being kids in and out of the house! The Purification oil diffusing kept the outside annoyances from coming in, the mushrooms where sautéed in oregano oil, and shots of Ningxia Red always starts great conversations about fitness, detox, weight management, and so much more.

But the best part, is everyone left just a bit happier. Truly being connected with others means so much to nourishing our souls and lives. No judgement, no pretense, no agenda. It was amazing!

If you have not join my oily team I would love you to be a part of it! To get connected and build relationships is such a wonderful thing! To be on this oily journey to wellness and a lifestyle of toxic free living with a group of different but beautifully made people is exactly my reason for being here. Means the world to mean!

I look forward to expanding my meetings and maybe one day hosting larger and larger events with so much love, food, oils, and community. For now YOU will be in my prayers. Take a step out and become a part of a community ❤

God bless!


1 TBS avocado oil

1/4 fresh garlic clove

8 oz of baby Bella mushrooms

A pinch of salt

1 drop of Young Living Vitality Oregano Essential Oil

Sautéed together on med till all golden ❤

Eat with a happy and relaxed group of friends 😉

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