This is a word we hear all our lives. We learn about it in science class as a child watching a seed turn into a plant. We know it from the doctors office or door way charts.It’s a term and visual phenomenon that occurs with everything living thing on this Earth. Sometimes we are excited. Sometimes, mommas you know this, it can be a sad yet joyful time as we see our kids get bigger. And it can sometimes be something we fight or resist. Why? Growth is all about new and better right? Yes! It can be painful!

We can see this watching a seed. It must break its shell in order to struggle through the dirt. Yep it’s breaks itself, it nice protective safe shell just to wiggle and push and strive through the dirty ground.

When I think of this, I imagine you and I. No matter what stage of life you are in, growth will only happen when we break that shell of comfort and go for it. That journey is going to be dark, Dirty, and hard. Sometimes you’re going to want to just stop. Sometimes you’ll think, “What’s the point?” and it will be hard. But just as a flower knows there is more life from above the dirt so will there be for you.

How do you grow well? My dear budding beauty, send down those deep roots into you Faith, the living water of the Word. Then go for it! Push through the challenges. Push through the tough days. And rise, rise in the name of Jesus! Let your beauty become so evident that you will attract the birds, bees, (metaphors of course), and people into the beauty of who you are!

Growth is a word that we sometimes steer clear of nevertheless I challenge you today. To step out of the boat! Walk towards the life God has for you. Growth ❤

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