Hello Beautiful!

Today I want to touch on a topic I know little about. Haha Yep you heard me correctly. . . Not an expert on this AT all! Haha

I have grown up in the lower class. Honestly, there have been many times of poverty in my life. Currently, crawling out of a hole where I was left penniless, mothering a two year old, and pregnant. Finally got a job and averaged $600 a month for almost a year! Ugh! Yes. Nevertheless by the grace of God, an amazing community, and wonderful tax payers, like yourself, we made it through!

But I didn’t stop there. I didn’t stay there. Though at one point I did pray that I never wanted to make any money again (because I was moved SO deeply and could see God moving mountains and miracles so vividly) I never wanted to loose that!

Well here I am a few years later and though I am climbing out of the hole and making more money; God has not left my side. He still shows up and shows off!


Recently I came to a period where I was exhausted! Just flat out tired! This climb has been long and the bills never stop and the days are long. . . Do you get me? I was in constant treading water. And I just needed a little break. “Please throw the floating raft this way please!”

I broke down to God and recanted my prayer to never have money haha and said “God please show me more”

Enter Young Living, Enter My up line Danielle and Mary, enter Sarah and her GamePlan book. . . And then this week BAM! I cannot even express what I am feeling! What has unfolded in the last 7 days is incredible, remarkable, a miracle!

Ok so meat and potatoes:

God wants abundance for His people. It is throughout the Bible those who where faithful He Blessed! I want that for you as well! I want that for you as well! God promises to give you your hearts desires! Today take the time to sit with God with a pen and draw or write. Draw or write one to two things you have wanted your entire life. That little nudge on your heart that has been there! Write it or draw it.

Now pray with me.

Father, Lord I come before you today because I am tired. I cannot do this alone any more. I need you! Please Lord forgive me of my past sins, forgive me for the terrible choices I have made, and for being the stubborn child always trying to do it my way. Today I lay this dream before you. I don’t know how or when but God, today I am letting go of the climb and turning to you. I know you will never leave nor forsake me Lord. Today Lord begin to move in me, grow me to be the light in the world, to be an amazing steward of your gifts, and show me Lord what is next. I will go. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Go with peace, hope, and love today.

God bless

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