Time to Rest

Learning to rest can be a challenge for many. Working from sun up to sun down through late in the evening. Drive for more. Drive for perfection. Forever chasing the long to do list. This age with technology at our fingertips there seems to be even more demand as everyone pressures you to get their task down now!

Work is good. We are called by God to work. To do His work. We are called to bless, serve, teach, care, search, and create. Each of us gifted with talents and desired place upon our hearts. But it seems to be taken over by this worldly push to be busy, never stop, and have so much to do.

Truth is we are also called to rest. Rest is needed. It is required. And it takes trust in God to know it is ok. The world tells you, you cannot. The voice in your head telling you you will get behind, or you’re weak, or you could be doing more. But God tells a different story. He promises to bring good to your life. He promises He has a plan. And the best part is, during those times of rest, is when you can hear Him best!

Make it a point to take time of rest. Real rest and trust God.

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