Angels on Earth. . . Take two

So I did have a pronounce about a week ago bummer it disappeared and that makes me boo!

Short version till I can get on a real computer!

God sends people into and it of your life. Those He sends in can bless you in so many ways. But also become the friend you want to have. If you desire more connection pray! God will bring you Angels of the Earth, those people who will pray with and for you, bring you food when a hurricane has knocked your power out for a week so your fridge was gone! Oh that was a gross mess!

I felt alone for many years but as I grew closer to God, boy has He shown me I was wrong! Be a blessing and pray for help when you need it! God sends Angels and they will come as awesome friends!

Thank you so much to my dear Angels! And I am praying for continued blessing on those still recovering from the hurricanes!

God bless!

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