Calm Before the Storm

Currently we in Florida are preparing for the hurricane. Rushing to the gas stations, to the stores, to get houses ready, and prepared as the possible catastrophic storm approaches.  However for many of us Christians, we have felt this calm and peace because we know that no matter what happens the Lord has us in his hands.

I’ve been using the time, after I was prepared for the physical storm, to mentally ready myself and it had me wondering how I could incorporate this into my daily life?  Maybe we don’t always see the approaching storm. Sometimes it happens out of nowhere such as recently in Harvey hitting Texas.  It comes out of nowhere and we feel blindsided but the truth is that God has a plan for us, nothing is a surprise to Him, no matter what His hands are always holding us. And it is in those beautiful times of calm and peace that we should really be praising and worshiping God. During the storm as well that we should be looking up and being content and thankful for the things that we do have. Prior to the storms in life we should be always preparing ourselves by putting on the full armor of the Lord for trials and tribulations do occur.

Jesus promises that we will have good in our life because we have Him but it is not promised there won’t be trials and tribulations. Actually it says there will be trials and tribulations but Jesus will be with us!

So here I am diffusing my Cedarwood and my Citrus Fresh lifting the mood of my home, focused and prepared for the physical storm but at the same time preparing myself spiritually and diving into the beautiful world that is Young Living, because I know that through this company I’m giving my family the best thing I can give them on Earth. Beautiful things which are Wellness for all areas of their life, emotional support, body systems wellness, and also a financial support that as a single mom is hard to come by.

Treasure today. Take some time to put on some Citrus Fresh with its pleasant and uplifting scent, to praise God for the beautiful gifts that He has given you, and to know that no matter what impeding storm that’s brewing in the night God has you always.

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